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02nd Jun 2021

A petition to rename Ronald Reagan Airport after Jojo Siwa has passed 70k

Laura Cunningham

Em, what?

It’s still going, but last time we checked the petition to rename Ronald Reagan Airport after social media megastar Jojo Siwa was at 72.5k.

…And counting.

The petition has even been endorsed by Jojo herself on

Former president Reagan is retrospectively seen as quite the problematic man, criticised heavily for his records on HIV and Aids in particular.

The petition, which was set up by Georgetown University student Dylan Long simply reads: “Why on earth is there an airport named after this war criminal?”

Siwa is a teenage pop star who started her media life on US reality show Dance Moms, before launching her massively successful YouTube channel and brand.  She recently came out to her fans, announcing that she was very much in love with her first girlfriend.

Jojo told TMZ that she supports the movement, despite not really knowing much about Reagan herself.

This will, of course, never happen. But we’re enjoying the drama of it all, none the less.


Jojo Siwa