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30th Apr 2023

Petition to stop Katie Price from owning more pets resurfaces

Sophie Collins

The petition claims several of Katie’s pets have died in recent years

A petition to stop Katie Price being allowed to purchase or adopt any more pets has resurfaced online – garnering nearly 27,000 signatures to date.

The page began trending again after Price was allegedly reported to the RSPCA following a string of animal deaths at her properties.

The most recent tragedy occurred back in November when her white Pomeranian pup, Sharon, was killed after being run over.

Now it seems people are revisiting the post and are calling on the RSPCA and PETA for action.

Sharon is the sixth known animal in Katie’s care to allegedly pass away, and thousands of members of the public have added their support to the call for a ban against the former glamour model.

It is understood that the dog was run over after escaping through an open gate which led straight onto a busy main road.

The post calls for animal welfare officials to put a stop to Katie owning more pets and has been growing in recent days.

The person behind the petition updated the post at the time of Sharon’s death and said: “A puppy has died in the last 24 hours in Katie Price’s care. She bought this puppy for her 13 year old child 3 weeks ago. Which was killed in a accident no one witnessed.

“In the last 5 years more animals have died from lack of care. Horses. dogs, cats, lizards, hedgehogs. This isn’t a single family tragedy. It’s a common thing in Katie price home [SIC]”.

The post claims that puppies drowned in a ‘neglected swimming pool’ and a cat was allegedly ‘ripped’ apart by one of her dogs.

The mum-of-five was said to be ‘devastated’ after 25,000 had signed the petition up to November 2022. She has not made any comment about the growing support for a ban.