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17th Mar 2023

Richard E. Grant delivers brilliant St. Patrick’s Day message

Stephen Porzio

The Oscar nominee put out a heartfelt St. Patrick’s Day video.

St Patrick’s Day is finally here, a day in which Irish culture is celebrated around the world.

However, you would struggle to find as lovely a tribute to Ireland as that published by Oscar-nominated actor Richard E. Grant on Friday morning.

In a video posted to Twitter with the caption ‘Happy St Patrick’s Day’, the Loki and Whitnail and I star describes his first time visiting the Emerald Isle.

“I’ll never forget the first time that I landed in Ireland decades ago and discovered a tribe of people who talked as much, if not more than I do,” Grant says in the 30-second clip.

“Why use one word when you can use 60 instead? It’s been love ever since. Have a great Friday.”

In just a few hours, the video has amassed over 105,000 views, with many taking to Twitter to praise the beloved character actor for the message.

You can watch the video right here: