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24th Mar 2023

Ryan Gosling auditioned for Gilmore Girls but it didn’t go well

Kat O'Connor

Ryan Gosling may be one of the biggest actors in Hollywood, but his career wasn’t always smooth sailing.

Back in the early 00s, the La La Land star auditioned for none other than Gilmore Girls.

The thought of him working in Luke’s Diner is just too much.

However, Ryan Gosling never made it to Stars Hollow after his audition didn’t end well.

Casting director Jami Rudofsky told Vulture that his audition was a big letdown.

“When I was a very wee casting person, I was casting [an] independent movie for no money. This guy [Gosling] came in, and he was late, and I rolled my eyes because he was late, and he was blonde.

“I thought he was giving attitude — what I didn’t realize was that he was in character. He did the audition, and it was one of the most amazing auditions that I’ve ever seen.”

Ryan Gosling Gilmore Girls

“[I’d] kept him in my mind, and I was thinking, ‘I can’t wait for them [Gilmore Girls executives] to meet him,'” she continued.

Rudofsky told Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino that Gosling was “the best actor”.

“And I am talking him up. I’m like, ‘Amy [Sherman-Palladino], guys, he’s the best actor. I’m telling you; he is amazing.’ So, he came in, I think it was a football character. I don’t even remember… He auditioned, and it kind of fell flat. And Amy was like, ‘Really, Jami?'”

She said Gosling auditioned for a footballer role but sadly missed out.

Rory’s baby daddy has finally been revealed.

Earlier this week, Gilmore Girls costume supervisor Valeria Campbell confirmed Rory’s baby daddy.

“The only obvious choice is—you guessed it—Logan. It was supposed to be very, very, very, very, very obvious.”

She told fans of the show to simply “do the math”.

Rory and Logan slept together when he briefly returned to Stars Hollow, which lines up with her pregnancy.

Logan being the baby daddy also brings things full circle as it mirrors Lorelai’s relationship with Christopher, but at least Rory and Logan were on much better terms than Chris and Lorelai.

As someone who is firmly Team Jess, I guess Logan is the second-best option.