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13th Apr 2023

Shaughna Phillips praised for showing the realities of being new mum

“Thank god for my village.”

Shaughna Phillips has been getting a lot of praise from her followers and fellow celebs since welcoming her daughter.

The former Love Island star welcomed her first child earlier this month, a beautiful daughter she has named Lucia.

Since becoming a mum, Shaughna has been open about the new challenges she faces and has been sharing details about motherhood online.

In the first week of Lucia’s life, the 29 year old has been praised for the honesty she has shown on social media and the reality of life now.


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Taking to Instagram, Shaughna shared a snap of herself asleep unright in bed with a cup of tea that had been untouched.

She wrote: “About a week ago. Thought I’d bless your timeline with some reality.

“Breast feeding top, maternity nappy, peppermint tea to help the trapped wind in my shoulder (that pain is worse than any contraction I had btw), legs swollen from surgery and tired beyond belief!

“Can we also appreciate how I was able to fall asleep while keeping my cup upright?! Talent.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever feel like I’m not winging it? But thank god for my village.”

A lot of famous friends took to the comments to commend the reality star for her honest post.

Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattinson said: “Looking like a boss and a queen if you ask me.”

Shaughna’s Love Island co-star Paige Turley added: “Go on mama – super proud of you & you brought such a perfect little lady into this world.”

While Gogglebox star George Baggs wrote: “Ur amazing.”

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