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15th Oct 2021

Síle Seoige opens up about fears of giving birth alone amid maternity restrictions

Kat O'Connor

“That is my fear, what if he missed the birth of his baby!”

The strain and worry pregnant people are being forced to deal with because of Ireland’s maternity restrictions are hard to wrap your head around.

The sheer stress alone is something no expectant-mum should have to deal with.

Far too many people are experiencing trauma during what is supposed to be one of the happiest times of their lives. Welcoming a new life into the world is supposed to be joyous. The last thing anyone should be worrying about is being alone as their partner sits out in a dreary car hospital car park.


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Síle Seoige, who is expecting her second child, has opened up about her fears of giving birth alone amid the current Covid-19 measures.

The soon-to-be mum-of-two admitted she is feeling anxious ahead of her due date.

She explained to RSVP: “The women of Ireland, and the couples of Ireland, have been really, really let down with these maternity restrictions and I think Covid is being used as an excuse to prevent a lot of these things from reopening.”

The mum, who is due to give birth in November, said she will be alone for the majority of her child’s birth.

“If I am in active labour, I will be assigned a room and then I can text my partner Damien and he will come up, but what if I am on the verge of the baby coming out?”

Síle explained that her first labour was quick and fears her second will be the same. This means there’s a chance of her partner missing the birth of his child.

“That is my fear, what if he missed the birth of his baby!!! It is outrageous to be even thinking that. We are sharing a home, a bed, we are very safe and follow the protocol.”

Every pregnant person deserves to feel safe during childbirth. How can the Government expect them to feel this way when they won’t even have their loved one by their side to hold their hand and to be there for the birth of their child.

As maternity campaigners have said time and time again, it is time for these restrictions to end and for women and new parents to stop being treated like they’re second-class citizens.