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12th Oct 2021

Stacey Solomon reveals she’s finally chosen her baby girl’s name

Kat O'Connor

The mum-of-four says her name is “perfect”

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash have finally settled on a name for their baby girl.

The pair have been brainstorming ideas and trying out different names since her arrival on October 4th.

Stacey confirmed they’ve picked the “perfect” name for their newborn daughter.

The mum-of-four opened up about the moniker on Instagram.

Stacey explained, “We’ve chosen her name. We’ve been calling her it and a couple of others for the last few days.”

“This one just feels like it is definitely who she is,” the mum gushed.

Stacey explained that they’re still deciding on middle names for their baby girl, but once they’ve decided she will share her daughter’s name with the world.

Names considered included Lilly and Autumn, but Solomon admitted she had to rule out ‘A’ names because of her daughter’s initials.

“We loved the name Autumn but then we realised her initials would be ASS. So it helped us rule out all of the “A” names,” the mum-of-four laughed.

Fans have suggested names like Posie, Rose, Dolly, and Freya.

Others thought the mum should call her daughter Molly, Aria, or Amber.

Stacey gave birth to her daughter at her home Pickle Cottage on October 4th.

This is the Loose Women presenter’s first daughter, but her fourth child.

Her partner Joe Swash says this has been the best week of their lives and he still can’t believe they have a daughter.

Joe and Stacey also have a son, Rex.

She is also a mum to two sons- Zachary, Leighton- from previous relationships.