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14th Feb 2022

Stacey Solomon sparks debate after sharing photo of Rose and her dogs

Kat O'Connor

What do you think?

Stacey Solomon has caused quite the stir online after sharing a photo of her daughter Rose.

The little tot was asleep beside Stacey’s two dogs in the photo. The mum stressed that Rose doesn’t actually sleep with the dogs. She also said she’s always watching them when they’re near her baby girl.

Many of Stacey’s followers thought the photo was adorable and heartwarming. And we agree, it is a very sweet photo.

However, others were less than impressed. They said that it doesn’t matter how good the dog is they shouldn’t be that close to a baby.

One even wrote, “I kind of hate the fact she lets dogs climb all over her baby.”

One defended Stacey by sharing their own personal experience. “My dog used to sleep with my kids and they never ever harmed a hair on their heads. It all depends on how you train the dogs.”


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It may have made a cute snap for Stacey’s Instagram grid, but it does go against health advice. With 5 million followers, we worry it could influence people to do the same. And not every dog may be as well behaved as Stacey’s appear to be.

We’ve heard of far too many accidents happening with children and dogs to accept that this is worth doing.

“My dog used to sleep with my kids and they never ever harmed a hair on their heads.”

The HSE tells parents that dogs can often mistake newborn babies with toys.

It stated: “Never leave a baby or small child alone with a dog, even if they’re asleep. Dogs can confuse newborn babies with toys. Always keep babies out of a dog’s reach.

“Dogs have attacked children and babies for no apparent reason. This has sometimes happened when the child is sleeping. The attack can lead to serious injury or death.

“Do not allow your dog to use any of your child’s equipment or cot for play, relaxing on, or sleeping.”

What do you think? Is this perfectly fine or a little too risky?