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11th May 2021

Woman buys 148 year old house, goes viral after finding secret passage way

Sarah McKenna Barry

Lindsay made the harrowing discovery shortly after moving in.

A TikTok user has gone viral after she posted a video of a secret passageway in her 148 year-old house.

Lindsay Grummett shared footage of the home she recently moved into with her 567,000 followers on the platform.

On the tour of her home, Lindsay takes the viewer upstairs.

From there, Lindsay points to an old door at the bend in the stairwell, just before it reaches the top floor.

The door sits a few feet below the top floor, and when Lindsay opens it there are some stairs leading elsewhere.

Most of the stairs, however, are blocked off by a makeshift barrier.

“There are some stairs that are blocked off in here,” she explains. “And there are also some very retro stickers.”

Indeed, the other side of the door is decorated with stickers from old TV shows.

“I have no idea what’s back there, let me know if you think I should try and find out.”

In a follow-up, Lindsay tells her followers that she hasn’t had the courage to check out the passageway by herself.

“I’m a big baby, and so is she,” Lindsay says, gesturing towards her dog.

“And all of you commenting about ghosts and spirits, and all the kinds of weird shit that might arise when I go into that space – I’m not willing to do it alone.”

She added that she will check it out fully when her boyfriend returns.

“We will check it out together,” she said. “I hope it’s a secret room. Or a pot of gold.”

The full video is available to watch on her TikTok page.

Lindsay isn’t the only one to go viral for making a discovery in her home. Just last week, a British man racked up the likes on Twitter after discovering that what he thought was a “fake cupboard” was actually a dishwasher.

Who knew our homes could be so full of surprises?