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27th Nov 2022

Here are the worst but best Christmas films on Netflix

Ellen Fitzpatrick

But they’re so, so good.

There’s nothing quite like this time of year, curling up on the couch with the fire on, a fluffy blanket and a mug of hot chocolate (which is obviously mostly just marshmallows) and of course, endless Christmas movies.

But what makes a Christmas movie great? Is it the cast, the storyline, the plot – no. The best Christmas movies are the ones that are so agonisingly terrible, they’re amazing.

Think literally any Hallmark movie ever, they’re always the ones that are so cheesy and have the exact same storyline every time, but there’s something so bad about them that keeps you hooked.

So what are literally the best of a bad bunch? We’re getting our top picks and trust me, you’ll want to binge them all no matter how cringey they are.

Falling For Christmas

Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet in the newest of the cringey Christmas films. Of course, they fall in love in a worryingly short amount of time, there’s some amnesia that doesn’t really get the medical attention it should and a lot of saving Christmas. Simply outstanding stuff.

A Christmas Prince

Yes, there are three of these movies and yes, they are all just as terrible as the last. And yes, I have seen them an obscene amount of times. Girl goes on press trip, girl meets Prince, girl unexpectedly falls in love, Merry Christmas, you get the gist. Should absolutely have an Oscar.

A Christmas Inheritance 

This one sees a girl returning to a Christmas themed town, gets snowed in and reflects on the true meaning of Christmas, and obviously falls in love. An art form, should be playing on a loop at the Lourve.

The Princess Switch

Think The Parent Trap but make it a terrible Christmas movie with Vanessa Hudgens, this is basically that. There really is no other way to describe this and if you’ve finished this, there are two sequels – enjoy.

A Castle for Christmas

Escaping a scandal, an author heads to Scotland, and falls in love with more than just the castle. Again, how this doesn’t have any major awards is beyond me.

Love Hard

This one is very modern, there’s dating apps, long-distance and catfishing all around Christmas. I just need to know how much Nina Dobrev got paid for this one.


You know the story, we’ve all seen this story over and over, do we get sick of it? Never. Two singletons are sick of not having a plus one at Christmas, so they agree to be each others and if you can’t guess what happens, I am concerned.

Midnight at the Magnolia

Friends/radio hosts fake a relationship for their families and listeners in hopes of getting their show more nationally recognised, and this should genuinely be the next Met Gala theme.

My biggest question with all of these movies though, why are these people always journalists and how do I make this happen in my life?