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29th Aug 2017

‘It was exciting’: woman gives birth mid-hurricane in Texas

We love the name she went for.

Anna O'Rourke

A woman who gave birth during Hurricane Harvey in the US has named her newborn after the storm.

Irma Rodriguez went into labour on Friday and was rushed to Corpus Christi Medical Doctors Regional in Texas where she welcomed a healthy little boy weighing 7 pounds.

He arrived just as the hurricane landed on the Texas coast.

“It was exciting delivering my baby during the hurricane. We are thankful for the care we received at Doctors Regional and for the good health of our family,” she said.

It was a nurse at the hospital who suggested the name when Irma, just about to give birth, admitted she didn’t have one for the impending arrival.

In choosing to name the baby Harvey, Irma bucked the trend when it comes to natural disasters.

As Romper notes, hurricanes have in the past caused names to fall out of favour in the US, such as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy.

At least 30,000 people have been evacuated along the Texas coast because of the tropical storm, reports The BBC.

Many towns and cities are under water and despite landing four days ago, the floods show no sign of easing off as rain continues to fall.