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04th Jan 2018

A fire brigade has accused CBeebies’ Hey Duggee of sexism

'Women have been firefighters for over 40 years.'

Jade Hayden

hey duggee

London Fire Brigade has accused a CBeebies show of sexism for including the word “fireman” in its programme.

Hey Duggee, a kid’s TV show about a dog who is a member of a Squirrel Club, recently broadcast an episode where one of the characters dresses up as a firefighter.

However, instead of using the term “firefighter,” Hey Duggee used “fireman.”

London Fire Brigade took to Twitter to complain that the show had used “outdated” language.

They also said that a female firefighter who worked for them had to explain to her grandson why the character was called a “fireman.”

They wrote:

“Isn’t it sad when one of our longest serving firefighters, a woman who fought the King’s Cross fire 30 years ago, still has to watch TV with her 2 year old grandson & explain why the squirrel in Hey Duggee ‘Dressing Up Badge’ episode is referred to as a ‘Fireman’.

“This term is VERY outdated and the term ‘Firefighter’ is the preferred respectful, inclusive, non-sexist, non-gendered term that should be being widely used by all media but especially the BBC.”

They went on to say that language is important when it comes to children’s TV and to encourage young girls to be whatever they want to be when they grow up.

“Women have been firefighters for over 40 years now Non-sexist, all-inclusive terminology is important if we want to encourage girls, as well as boys to be future firefighters.

“Children’s shows need to especially make sure they use correct terminology.”

CBeebies responded to London Fire Brigade’s tweets thanking them for their feedback.

Hey Duggee has been aired on CBeebies since 2015.

It is aimed towards children between the ages of 2 and 5.