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22nd Mar 2018

Ikea launches app that lets you virtually design your room and it’s deadly


Hitting up Ikea is a lot of fun.

You get to grab a little pencil and paper, go for a wander around the enormous showroom, and buy flat packs to your heart’s content.

However, for many of us, Ikea is also a stressful endeavour. You could travel a long way, buy a load of stuff, and arrive home only to find that your new white Hemnes desk doesn’t fit in your bedroom.

You don’t want to trek all the way back out there to bring it back, but you’re also super frustrated that you can’t comfortably fit your new purchase in your gaff.


The above scenario may never need to happen again though because Ikea has launched an augmented reality app where you can literally place virtual products in your home.

And it sounds class.

Not only can you see what a stunning pendant lamp would look like in your living room, but you can also make sure that a Markus swivel chair would fit in your study.


The app is calledĀ Ikea Place and it’s built on ARCore, including a visual search function to allow users to find any Ikea product.

It seems simple enough to use too – all you do is focus your camera, ensure the lighting in your room is decent, pick a product, rotate it, and place it in the room.

You can choose multiple products too meaning that you could essentially virtually design an entire room if you wanted to.

Ikea Place is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android.