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08th May 2017

These are the jobs with the least amount of sleep

Laura Holland

5-step sleep routine

We can all agree with the top one.

A new survey has revealed the jobs which lead to most sleep deprivation. According to the Daily Mail, it was conducted by Sealy, a mattress brand, who asked 15,000 all around the world how much sleep they get and what job they are in.

The people who came out on top were mothers with 25 percent admitting that they only get less than 5 hours sleep each night.

People who work in transport, communications and construction also get less than five hours, with one in five of those stating that amount.

Next on the list are those in public sector jobs, in education and health care, who get approximately 6 hours sleep each night.

Those who work in finance haven’t escaped the sleep deprivation either, with only 6 to 7 hours of sleep each night.

Neil Robinson, from Sealy, said:

“With a huge proportion of mums and those working in transport, communication, construction and utilities getting less than five hours sleep per night, it really highlights the extent of the problem.

Quality and unbroken sleep is essential for our health and wellbeing, so despite many of us being high-functioning even when sleep deprived, it is important for people to get quality rest so that when they do get time to sleep it really counts.”