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17th Sep 2016

Jools Oliver’s Latest Sweet Pic Will Give Boy Mamas All The Feels

Sophie White

I have to admit that Jools Oliver’s Instagram is giving me much piece of mind in these last few weeks of my second pregnancy.

There’s just something so seemingly warm and fuzzy about the Oliver’s life, and sure maybe a lot of it is a bit fantasy and filters and so on, but still she’s giving me hope that this new baby addition is going to work. And it won’t turn my little boy’s life upside-down… too much.

Her latest post showing older brother, Buddy Bear cuddling his new little bro, River is almost too much for my wild preggers hormones. The Man barely batted an eye when I let out a little *sob* upon spotting it in my feed. In fairness, I’m weeping a lot these days – I cried during Grand Designs last night because the couple’s additional funding came through and they were able to finish the cantilevered balcony on the north side of the property.

With over 23,000 likes, I’m obviously not the only blubbering mess around these parts.

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 10.32.59

As one commenter said: ‘Bromance’!

Watching your little ones develop their own special sibling relationship must be one of the loveliest things about parenthood. Can’t wait.

Do your little babs have a special bond? Tell us in the comments about all the little Soul Sisters and Bromances!

Main image via Instagram