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08th Apr 2016

Lucky Bride Scoops Major Lotto Win In Lead-up To Her Wedding

Sharyn Hayden

We. Are. SO. Jealous.

Imagine you are at the six-month countdown stage to your wedding and you are starting to freak out amount the mounting costs.

You had budgeted for the main things; the dresses and suits, the venue, the bands, the photographers and that was all just about manageable.

But then you started to think about the other stuff, the little costs – wedding favours, treats, shoes and accessories for the bridal party, flowers, a gift for each set of parents, wedding cars, the wedding rings!

You do a quick calculation and realise that in order to afford it all, you will have to sell off a few items around your home on eBay, starting with family heirlooms.

And then you do a quick pick for the Lotto AND YOU WIN €120,000.

That’s what happened for one Dublin bride who bought a ticket for €5 in Galway and happily collected her cheque from Lottery HQ yesterday morning.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that she is going to splurge on a really great wedding band and invite more people along to celebrate the big day.

“That’s the best part of a wedding, so I want a band that’ll get people moving,” she said as she collected her cheque at the Lottery HQ.

Personally, this gives me hope. I have nine more months before my wedding. Anyone want to go halvesies on a Quick Pick?!

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