"It can happen": Mum issues stark warning to parents after her dog attacks toddler 1 month ago

"It can happen": Mum issues stark warning to parents after her dog attacks toddler

A mother has issued a warning to parents after her dog attacked her toddler son.

She admitted she never thought her dog would do such a thing, but he left her son scarred for life.

Jodie Griffiths explained that her two-year-old son Romy was playing with his siblings at their home.

Their dog Blizzard was asleep on the sofa, but leaped up and bit the toddler when his dad wasn't looking.

She explained that her son's dad only turned his back for a second.

He then heard his son screaming and turned to find him covered in blood.

The 8-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross's bite caused extensive damage.

The mum told Sky News, "It fractured his jaw, ripped all of his nose, ripped out three teeth from the root - he had to have hundreds and hundreds of stitches, they lost count of how many."

The family said their toddler and their son were best friends. They stressed that he has never acted violently before this incident.


They believe the toys the children were playing with startled him.

Jodie urged other parents to always be cautious around dogs.

"I want to raise awareness and I wouldn't advise anyone with kids having a dog because even if it's an accident it can still happen.

"People love their dogs and say 'my dog would never do that' but we used to say the same."

"I would never have trusted him around my kids again, I don't trust any dog anymore."

The mum rehomed their dog because she couldn't trust him after the attack.

Romy is recovering but he may need further surgeries. Doctors are also concerned about his nose. They may need to reshape both his nose and nostrils as he grows older.

Feature Image: Sky News