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12th Aug 2022

Voluntary contribution fee should be fully scrapped, National Parents’ Council says

Kat O'Connor

The contribution fee should be scrapped completely.

The National Parents Council has called for the ‘voluntary’ contribution fee to be scrapped.

Earlier this summer, Barnardos stressed that it was time for the fee to be removed from schools as parents and guardians struggle with the rising cost of living.

The National Parents Council has now called for the fee to be state funded.

Parents should no longer have to fork out for the ‘voluntary’ fee when they’re already paying so much for school supplies.

CEO Áine Lynch told Newstalk: “The voluntary contribution we believe should be scrapped entirely and schools should get proper funding to run the day-to-day costs of running the schools.”

Lynch said the fee helps with core expenses like heating, but it shouldn’t fall on parents to fund this. The Government needs to do more to support schools.

“So we feel that the capitation grant needs to be increased so we can just scrap voluntary contributions completely.”

HerFamily readers recently slated the fees and said it is time for the government to offer more financial support to schools.

“It’s about time that necessities are provided by the government, and not through ‘voluntary’ contributions. How can they expect teachers and schools to do their best when they are constantly limited by poor funding?” one mum said.

Another added, “It’s an absolute disgrace that parents have to contribute this on top of paying for crested uniforms!”

“Total madness to say there is free education in Ireland.”

Do you agree with the calls to scrap the contribution fee?