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18th Apr 2022

Dublin mum fighting for her life in Gran Canaria after developing sepsis on holiday

“She touched so many peoples lives – everyone is rooting for her.”

A Dublin woman has been left in a critical condition after developing sepsis on holidays in Gran Canaria.

After experiencing ongoing pain, Carmel Scott went to a clinic near her hotel and was treated for a kidney infection, before being asked to return the next day.

Unfortunately, Carmel’s condition got worse overnight, and she needed to be taken to hospital in the morning.

Carmel was taken straight into intensive care and put on a ventilator. She was diagnosed with sepsis originating from her kidney infection. A scan also showed a kidney stone obstructing her ureter.

“They brought her straight to a private hospital, we had no say in the matter,” Carmel’s daughter, Amy Scott, told Her.

“That’s why we’ve incurred extortionate costs of over €35,000 in a week. It’s all been paid my Dad, he’s running on low.”

A fundraiser has since been set up to help with the growing medical costs, which has raised a huge amount so far for the family.

Amy travelled to Gran Canaria as soon as possible, but due to the hospital’s very strict visiting hours – visitors are only allowed between 5-6pm and only one person is allowed in at a time – she has not been able to see her mum as much as she’d like.

She also says, due to the language barrier, it’s been difficult for the family to get updates on Carmel’s health.

“I just said I need to get over there, I don’t care about anything else, it’s my mother… But it’s been really tough, it’s just a massive waiting game.

“Yesterday, she deteriorated a bit more. But y’know what, I’m just hoping it’s a bad day. It’s still early days, she still has time to recuperate and recover. I’m trying to stay as positive and as hopeful as possible because she’d do the same for us.

“She wouldn’t give up on us, so I’m not giving up on her.”

The family’s goal now is to get Carmel to an Irish hospital as soon as possible.

“Her platelets, they’re extremely low and she’s at high risk of bleeding. So it’s too unsafe for her to travel just yet. The reason why her platelets are so low is because of the sepsis.

“She’s on a very strong antibiotic, which was working, but it doesn’t seem to be doing the job now. So I don’t what they’re going to do.

“She’s also on dialysis for her basically non-functioning kidneys and she’s still ventilated of course… Air ambulance can be a bit risky for a ventilated patient with so many things going on.

“I know it will happen… At the moment, it’s just a matter of hope, time and patience.

“She touched so many peoples lives and she’s just a special person, so everyone is rooting for her.”

You can donate to help the family with medical costs here.