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26th Jan 2023

Man claims to have found infant remains near Bessborough site in the 90s

The Gardaí have not been able to confirm the report.

A man has claimed that he discovered the remains of what he believes to be an infant near the Mother and Baby Home in Bessborough, Co. Cork.

During an interview with Neil Prendeville on Cork’s Red FM, the man said that he made the alleged discovery at one point in the early to mid-90s. He claims that he saw what he believed were bones at a spot in the woods outside the Mother and Baby Home, and away from the nun’s burial sites. reached out to the Gardaí Press Office, and at the time of writing, they were unable to confirm any details in relation to the incident.

The man who was featured on Red FM alleged that he reported the incident to the Gardaí, however, he says that nothing ever came of it.

The Mother and Baby Home was opened in 1922 and closed in 1999. A six-year-long inquiry into it by the state determined that 923 children who spent time in the home died.

The whereabouts of infant remain has been a concern since the Mother and Baby Homes Commission was only able to establish the burial place of 64 children.

Survivors of the Mother and Baby Home are currently objecting to plans to build over the site until there is further clarity on the burial sites of the children.

One campaigner, Catherine Coffey O’Brien spoke to Cork Beo about the survivors’ objections.

She said: “We want closure, we want to be left to go light a candle and pay our respects to the children and mothers that are buried at Bessborough.

“We want to move on, and put an end to this – we just don’t want any building on our children’s burial ground.”

Feature image: Laura Hutton/