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20th Jun 2022

Traveller community devastated after two children die by suicide

Kat O'Connor

“People are really upset”

The Traveller community is said to be devastated after two children died by suicide within two weeks of each other.

Both of the children were aged under 16.

According to reports, both the boy and girl died by suicide.

The young girl was from the Midlands and the boy was from Dublin.

Their families are understandably heartbroken by the tragic losses.

Speaking about the tragedy, Martin Collins of Pavee Point said more needs to be done to support Traveller’s mental health.

He said the deaths have rocked the Traveller community.

People are now feeling hopeless, as well as outraged.

In an interview with The Irish Mirror, he said the community is experiencing a mental health crisis.

But nothing is being done to support them, despite the increasing suicide rates.

“People are really upset and there is just a feeling of despair and helplessness.”

“They also feel hopeless because this is an ongoing issue of many.”

Mr. Collins revealed that suicide rates have risen drastically in recent years.

Attempted suicide rates have also increased, even in younger people which is a major concern.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Traveller children as young as 12 were dying by suicide.

A protest was held outside the Dail to highlight the struggles they are currently facing.

However, little has been done to support them.

They called on the government to implement a standalone mental health strategy for travellers.

Senator Eileen Flynn said discrimination is killing people in their community.

She also said that travellers are the most ill-treated people in society.