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18th Oct 2023

Online debate sparked after one airline introduces a ‘child-free zone’

Anna Martin

An airline sparked debate when they announced the creation of “child-free zones” on some flights.

Corendon announced plans to introduce an “Only Adult” area where little ones will be banned from entering – which has caused outrage on Twitter (X).

Though most of us – parents or not – don’t fancy sitting beside a crying baby while trying to get into holiday mode on a flight, some people weren’t pleased at all with the announcement.

From November 3rd, 2023 passengers will be able to choose to sit in a child-free sections on its A350 flights between Amsterdam and the Caribbean island of Curacao.

The dedicated area of the aircraft will feature nine extra large seats which will have extra legroom in addition to 93 standard seats.

child free airplane

The area will be available to those over the age of 16 and will cost holidaymakers an extra €45.

“So apparently airlines are considering making ‘child-free zones’ on planes, and I can’t decide if this is a dystopian shift or not, but generally it’s really sad how little tolerance people have for children and babies – even acting like they shouldn’t be in public,” one individual tweeted kicking off a debate.

Another individual seemed to agree with this take, responding, “Having kids is already an isolating experience, before I had kids I never cared about other kids in restaurants or on aeroplanes. If they want people to reproduce, isolation for mums is not a good look.”

child free airplane

Someone else seemed to second this, adding: “I’ve noticed people seem more annoyed with kids in public than I’ve ever seen before. Usually, people see little kids and babies and smile or whatever but that’s seeming to slowly change. It’s weird and sad.”

Yet not everyone seemed to agree as another person responded, saying: “Last time I was on a plane, I thought, ‘I would pay more money to be on a plane without children.’ Almost every time I fly, which isn’t much at all, there’s a child crying the whole time.”