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21st Jun 2023

Parents outraged after school issues cruel message about school tour

“Don’t expect everything to be given to you in life”

A school in the West Midlands has been called out for putting pressure on parents to pay for their school tours.

The school was accused of putting unnecessary financial pressure on parents during the cost of living crisis.

A message was sent to parents this month about an upcoming school trip. Pupils were told not to complain about the cost of the tour and stressed that they don’t have to go.

The message read: “Any pupil who complains about the price, the answer is simple, you don’t need to go on the trip.

The school added: “You have had so much given to you, don’t expect everything to be given to you in life.”

Parents slated the school’s cruel message and said it is shaming both parents and pupils, especially those who don’t have as much money as others.

One person told Coventry Live that the school has been reported to Ofsted.

“The message clearly shames the children and their parents struggling the most during the cost of living crisis,” one mum said.

Many parents agreed that the message will only cause more stress and upset for families. School tours are something all children should look forward to. Making them feel guilty for not affording it will only make them feel isolated.

Do you think the school was wrong?


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