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26th Oct 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had a frightening moment when their plane ‘aborted landing’ this morning

It was seen as a 'missed approach'.

Denise Curtin

It has been a turbulent morning for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

While on their return flight to Sydney this morning, the pilot of their plane decided to abort the landing when the plane was only minutes away from the runway.

According to Hello!, the pilot made the executive decision to circle around and re-approach the runway when he realised it was unsafe to land.

Speaking over the tannoy, the pilot, Nigel Rosser said:

“There was another aircraft on the runway that was a little bit slow to roll and unfortunately hadn’t cleared the runway. We were too close, so the decision was made to abort the landing.”

The Qantas Boeing 737 plane was carrying 100 people when the incident occurred, all of which included Kensington staff, security and members of the media.

Harry and Meghan earlier that day in Tonga.

However, the plane eventually landed safely and everyone is said to be in good spirits.

Earlier that day Harry and Meghan did a series of engagements in Tonga before boarding the plane to head to Sydney as they’re to appear at the Australian Geographic Society Awards tonight.