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24th Aug 2023

Sinead Kennedy ‘grateful’ to be pregnant again after miscarriage heartache

*Warning* Article mentions miscarriage and baby loss

Sinead Kennedy revealed she was pregnant with her second child this month.

TV presenter Sinead Kennedy says she is grateful to be pregnant again after suffering multiple miscarriages.

Following her pregnancy announcement, the mum said she hopes people realise that not everyone has it easy.

She told Irish Country Magazine that she had two miscarriages before her current pregnancy.

She said: “This was such a longed-for second baby. I had two miscarriages before I was successfully pregnant.”

The mum explained: “It’s a common thing, people talk about it a lot more and there’s no stigma around it now, thank God, but you don’t want to be part of something that makes it look like you’re living this perfectly easy-going life if that’s not necessarily the case.”

Sinead said it’s so important to remember that people are going through so much more than you realise.

She said some are dealing with so much behind closed doors.

The mum said she was “devastated” following the miscarriages, but that she kept going because it helped her cope with the loss.

“I was devastated by it. You pin so much hope on it,” she said.

“To be here now after that and to be saying, “I’m so grateful”, it’s because I really am,” she added.

Anam Cara supports women who have suffered miscarriages and baby loss. You can contact them on 085 2888 888