"She is teething" – Camilla Thurlow shares snaps breastfeeding in her wedding dress 8 months ago

"She is teething" – Camilla Thurlow shares snaps breastfeeding in her wedding dress

The thing about babies – they don't really care much what is going on around them once they need to eat or sleep or, you know, do other things babies do.

For instance, you can be in your wedding dress and as glam as glam can be, but when that baby is hungry – or simply in need of some soothing from mummy – you got to do what you got to do.

This was very much the case for former Love Island star, Camilla Thurlow, who tied the knot with boyfriend Jamie Jewitt last weekend in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends and family.

Thurlow has been sharing some truly stunning snaps from the nuptials on social media, and having been asked by followers what it was like organising a wedding and getting married when you have a young baby, the 32-year-old took to Instagram to share a look behind the scenes.


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Captioning a selection of images of herself breastfeeding her baby daughter in her wedding dress, Thurlow writes:


"I have had a lot of messages asking what it was like having a 10-month baby and organising a wedding. The first thing I will say is having Nell at our wedding, surrounded by our family and friends was heavenly and I wouldn't change a thing."

She continues:

"But I should also be honest, that it did end up being trickier than I had anticipated a few months ago partly because just before the wedding we hit a pretty difficult teething and separation anxiety period. On the day itself, even though I managed to keep her solid meals on schedule and also had plenty of snacks available, she wanted a lot of milk feeds from me throughout the day, in the evening she did want me to settle her and then she spent a lot of the night awake."

We all know how fussy and hard-to-settle teething babies can be, but it looks like little Nell was getting plenty of cuddles from mum.

Thurlow also goes on to explain how the run-up to the wedding was – as wedding prep tends to be – rather stressful, but she tried to keep in mind what was really important about the day, and not sweat at the small stuff.

"It was also a bit of struggle in the last couple of weeks when a few things went wrong (like not having a dress) and not really having the time to sort them out, and of course, every problem seems so much worse when you haven't had much sleep! However, I am very, very lucky, I have an amazing support system who all did their bit to help me out both in the lead-up and on the day itself. I had also made a lot of decisions to try and make life easier for us, like choosing a nearby location and lovely, reliable suppliers who took so much of the weight off my shoulders. MOST importantly, it kept the important aspects of the day in sharp focus for me. As someone who can really sweat the small stuff, not having time to do that actually kept my eyes away from the details and instead on the bigger picture of the whole day and celebrating love, joy and happiness with our family and friends and it really did end up being the absolutely perfect day for us."