This is why toddlers absolutely adore Sesame Street's Elmo 3 years ago

This is why toddlers absolutely adore Sesame Street's Elmo

We've always been more of a cookie monster fan, ourselves.

Sesame Street's Elmo is fairly adorable but after a half hour or so, the fiery critter's voice can put even the most patient parents on edge.

But despite the high-pitch of Elmo's voice, toddlers appear not to be able to get enough of him.

As it turns out, there's a scientific (and very logical) reason why.

Elmo's bright colouring is a huge factor in his fanbase since red is among the first colour that babies can see.

The American Optometric Association notes that while babies aren't born with all of the visual abilities they need in life, they learn and improve these abilities over the first few years of life.

And, as explains, babies are able to see some more vivid colours after just a few weeks - including red and orange.


But it's not all about the appearance - there's another reason toddlers become awe-struck by Elmo: because he sounds (and acts) just like them.

Clinical social worker Kaleigh Boysen explained to Café Mom:

"He speaks like a child does, and asks questions that a child might ask.

"His questions and attempts to understand mimic a young child's thought process. His voice is also higher pitched, making him sound more childlike and easier for small children to hear."

It turns out there's a third and final reason that your little one may go gaga for the red furball: because he reminds toddlers of their mothers.

Dr. Lauren Gardner, administrative director of the Autism Center at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, added:

"His speech style is 'mother-ese'.

"The high-pitched voice, dragged-out vowel sounds, and exaggerated inflection is how most children are spoken to by caregivers in our culture."