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08th Apr 2024

‘My husband’s family have started criticising how I dress my baby’

Kat O'Connor

Her husband’s family has been pretty rude about her parenting decisions.

One mum has been left feeling conflicted after her husband’s family told her how to dress their baby.

She explained that her infant wears quite girly clothes, but the mum likes them and thinks her little girl looks sweet.

However, her in-laws are less than impressed by them.

The mum said her daughter is only 7 months old so she is in charge of what she wears.

Like all children, her daughter will develop her own sense of style in the future, especially when she’s a teenager.

However, her mum is currently in charge of what her little one wears and has opted for a lot of pink and clothes with bows.

Every parent dresses their child differently and nobody should ever tell you what way to dress your little one.

The mum wrote Reddit: “About 2 weeks ago, my husband’s sister asked me when can she send tomboy clothes because I dress her in too much pink.”

Her sister-in-law said she doesn’t like the bows or dresses her daughter wears.

The baby’s grandfather has also started making remarks about her clothes and told the mum that her daughter “will be a tomboy”.

He told her that “he prefers tomboys because they play sports”.

The grandfather also ordered her mum to stop dressing her so girly.

The mum clarified:

“I support LGBTQ+ and will be very happy to support my child if she decides to ever be different but she’s only 7 months now.”

“He told me that girls who dress up too girly are seen as weak,” she revealed.

The mum said she feels disrespected by their comments. It is her baby and what she wears doesn’t affect their lives whatsoever.

“I live my life separately and don’t like others trying to push things on me or my baby.

“My husband agrees with me but somehow his family does not bring that topic to him, only when I’m alone.”

She added, “My baby wears everything, t-shirts, jeans, dresses and she’s a happy little girl.”

Many parents told her to completely ignore her in-laws and said they had no right to tell her how to dress her child.

They also agreed that dressing in ‘girlier’ clothes does not make a girl weak.