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17th Oct 2023

Parents spark controversy after revealing their new Halloween tradition

Kat O'Connor

This trick-or-treat idea is pretty clever.

Two parents have sparked controversy after revealing their new Halloween tradition online.

They revealed that they introduced a new idea called the ‘Switch Witch’ in a bid to stop their child from eating too many Halloween sweets.

The parents said their daughter loves the ‘fun’ tradition, but it has caused quite a stir online.

Writing on Instagram, the pair explained how it works.

Their little girl gathers up the leftover sweets she doesn’t want and leaves them in a basket. Her parents then swap the treats for a toy, in this case, an Elsa doll, and leave the box outside their door.

“The SWITCH WITCH is back! This has been such a fun tradition!

“And better yet, it’s been a way to let our daughter enjoy every bit of Halloween without eating tons of candy,” they said.

“You can have fun with it and give your witch a name! The witch who stops by our house is Wilda.”

It’s a similar idea to Elf on the Shelf, but some parents felt it was a little extreme.

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One said, “Why not just teach moderation? Like it’s a great idea but it’s not really teaching her anything.”

“I love this idea! I have a toddler and he doesn’t need candy, but I want him to experience going out and Trick or Treating.”

“Some of us break the bank and go without just to buy a bag for the kids in the neighborhood. For parents just to throw away,” one pointed out.

“My 2 y.o. has special medical needs and doesn’t want to/isn’t able to eat much by mouth. This looks like a great way to still have him participate in the trick-or-treating and get something he wants in the end!”

What do you think of the ‘Switch Witch’ idea?