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28th Mar 2018

Karen hits ‘self destruct’ on Fair City as huge tragedy set to hit Carrigstown

Keeley Ryan

It’s all kicking off in Carrigstown tonight.

The charity event in the Station leads to a series of confrontations after the last person everyone expected turns up, with “nothing left to lose”.

WARNING: Spoilers for tonight’s episode of Fair City lie ahead 

Karen begins to unravel tonight after she makes a surprise appearance at the charity event at the Station.

The first of two action-packed episodes picks up where Tuesday night’s episode left off, with everyone stunned when she arrives at the Station.

However, not everyone is happy to see her there – and it leads to more than a few confrontations.

The episode sees Seán agree to talk to a pleading Karen, whose arrival has been met with more than a bit of hostility.

He begins to worry after Karen declares she doesn’t see a future without him, and, as he starts to head home, is left shaken when she says she will call him.

Aoife and Robbie feel uneasy at Karen’s calmness when she arrives at The Station for the charity auction.

And after hearing how he is considering going to Belfast with Aoife, Carol becomes alarmed – and instantly tries to play down Karen’s problems.

Karen is floored when she learns of Aoife’s plan from Carol – and when she realises she’s using her to get Robbie to stay, Karen taunts her by saying she’ll make Robbie go to Belfast.

She ends up accidentally cutting Carol’s face in a scuffle and leaves her with a bloody cheek, which Carol tries to conceal as she heads out of the Station.

When Karen leaves the Station without anyone seeing her, Aoife begins to fear that she’s gone AWOL.

But Karen, on a mission to fix her life, throws her phone away.

Elsewhere in the episode, Oisín is left terrified when Karen throws a pair of scissors at him – and angers Seán when he says she deserves everything she gets.

Meanwhile, Paul begins to notice Oisín’s unease around Karen.

Oisín makes a prank phone call and is shaken to receive a message from Karen saying she knows it’s him.

And Orla is fuming when Karen blows a kiss to Wayne, after locking lips with him in Sunday night’s episode.

She loudly calls her a slut, which leads to the pair of them facing off in the toilets at the Station.

Kerri-Ann walks in and ends up interrupting the standoff between the pair, before eventually telling Wayne that Orla went after Karen.

Unable to control her anger any longer, Orla leaves the event for McCoy’s.

Elsewhere in the episode, Kerri-Ann uses the baby to get through to Decco, but he keeps pushing her to leave him alone.

Karen comes on to Decco and kisses him, which leads to Kerri-Ann throwing a drink in her face – and Karen to return the favour.

Decco announces Kerri-Ann’s affair to everyone at the event, causing her to run out of the Station.

And as Dean tries comfort a distraught Kerri-Ann, Decco reveals she slept with his best friend Mondo.

He also begins to question if Kerri-Ann would be convinced their marriage is over if he were to sleep with Karen.

Kerri-Ann pleads with him to come back home while Decco, searching for Karen, teases Paul when he suggests he goes home to Kerri-Ann.

Kate Gilmore, who plays Karen, said that the character has “hit self-destruct” after being rejected by Séan – and feels she hasn’t gotten anything left to lose.

She said:

“It was really climactic to get to this point where Karen literally rebels against everyone in Carrigstown and says ‘they’re all the same’.

“She’s hit self destruct following on from her rejection from Seán and she feels she’s got nothing left to lose.

“Oisín creeping around the last few weeks also has her on edge – Karen throwing the scissors at Oisín happens when he’s trying to goad her which is quite cruel given her current state of mind.

“The Decco kiss comes after Kerri-Ann refuses to get involved in the Karen / Orla feud and Karen wants to hurt her in the same way she feels she’s been hurt.”