US mother put on no fly list for 'creating a biohazard' with her daughter's nappy on a plane 1 year ago

US mother put on no fly list for 'creating a biohazard' with her daughter's nappy on a plane

No parent should ever be treated like this.

One mum was left humiliated when a flight attendant placed her on a no-fly list after disposing of her child's nappy on a flight.

The Seattle mum was stunned when the flight attendant approached her after she had changed her daughter's nappy mid-flight. The mum disposed of the nappy in the bathroom bin, but the staff member claimed she had created a biohazard by doing so.

34-year-old Farah Naz Khan told Today Parents, "When I walked back to the front holding my diaper wipes container and, like, the pad that we used to change my daughter's diaper on, the flight attendant accosted me and said: 'Did you just dispose of a diaper back there? That's a biohazard.'"

The mum said the flight attendant yelled at her and told her to take the dirty nappy out of the bin, which made her feel belittled.

She explained that she had previously flown with her little girl and there were never any issues when she needed to change her nappy.

"I also didn't dispose of the diaper on the plane, even if it was considered a biohazard. I walked it off the plane and threw it away myself outside the flight," she shared.

She filed a customer service incident report once the plane had landed.


The mum then received a phone call from the flight attendant.

"I recognized the voice. He said, 'Due to a biohazard incident on the plane today, we've placed you on the no-fly list.' This made me very angry, because I suffered the humiliating experience. ... They are placing me on a no-fly list?"

He then continued to verbally attack the mum and her daughter.

"It's just profanities. Vulgarities. 'You people bring your children everywhere. Don't you know that some people just want a peaceful flight and don't want to listen to your effing children?'" the flight attendant said.

Khan quickly hung up and doesn't believe he actually placed her on the list but wanted to intimidate her.

The airline is reviewing the matter as the incident does not meet their "high standards set for our flight attendants".

Khan said she has yet to receive an apology from the airline or the flight attendant.