“Four weeks ago, I didn’t think I’d see Christmas"- Vicky Phelan 8 months ago

“Four weeks ago, I didn’t think I’d see Christmas"- Vicky Phelan

"I’m not doing this to myself at this stage"

Vicky Phelan revealed she didn't think she'd see Christmas during her appearance on last night's Late Late.

The mum opened up about her decision to stop chemotherapy on Friday's show.

She explained to host Ryan Tubridy that she'd rather have quality time with her children.

Vicky said she wants to invest whatever time she has left with her 16-year-old daughter Amelia and 10-year-old son Darragh.


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"I got the treatment on 18 October and I couldn't get out of the bed until 29 October. that's how bad it was," she revealed.

"The horrors of the treatment are often worse than the actual disease itself."

"I'd rather be well and have a shorter time frame. I'd like my children to have memories of doing stuff with me and if I die sooner, so be it," the mum bravely shared.


“Four weeks ago, I didn’t think I’d see Christmas. That’s how real this is for me at this stage like I spoke to my oncologist when I made the decision not to have any more chemotherapy."

Vicky said her oncologist hoped she would do more sessions, but she decided to stop.

“I just said, no, I’m not doing this to my kids. I’m not doing this to myself at this stage," the mum shared.

Speaking about her cancer treatment, the campaigner said she always knew it was incurable.

"I have always known that whatever drugs I would get, one would only keep me alive for a certain point, but nothing was going to cure it, you know unless some miracle drug came out."

Addressing the Irish public, Phelan encouraged them to always speak up if they're concerned about their health.

"Know your body, and when you know your body, don't be afraid to ask questions about it, and get another referral if you're not happy," she said.

"You only have one life," she stressed.