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22nd Sep 2017

The next episode of fertility series The Babymakers is unmissable

It airs Monday at 9pm on TV3.

Jade Hayden

the babymakers

One in six Irish couples struggle with fertility.

A new TV3 series is following the lives of six couples in Ireland as they go through different fertility treatments to try and complete, or start, their families.

The third episode of The Babymakers is airing this Monday, September 25, and it’s one you won’t want to miss.

The programme has already introduced us to Naoimh and Robbie, and this week we’ll get to follow the couple as they track their three embryos from the Czech Republic to Dublin.

Naoimh will then be administering injections to ensure her womb is prepared for the transfer of the embryos.

Monday’s episode will also focus on a new couple, Emma and Bianca.

As the only same-sex couple to feature in the series, Emma and Bianca’s story is a little different to what we’ve seen previously.

We’ll follow Emma as she uses injections to prepare her womb, but viewers will also see the couple browsing sperm donor websites in Denmark and the US in search of the right donation.

The pair also discuss how they will approach conversations about their potential baby’s conception with the child when he or she grows up.

the babymakers

The Babymakers also introduces Newbridge couple Fiona and Eoghan, who are currently undergoing IVF treatment.

Unfortunately, Fiona has a fear of needles, meaning that engaging in the treatment is no easy feat for her.

The Babymakers‘ third episode airs Monday, September 25 at 9pm on TV3.