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28th May 2015

5 things all Irish Mammies do (recognise yourself here?)

Irish mammys are legendary. We really are.

Friends come in and out of our little one’s lives, but we’re always there. Every step of the way through their busy little lives.


Most likely, because we want to make sure they’ve cleaned brushed their teeth. For the millionth time.

But the reasons aren’t important. What’s important is that our kids can always rely on us, even years after they should have stopped doing so. That’s what makes it so very sweet and such a privilege to be a Mammy.

Here are the top five things we do and probably won’t stop doing, ever.

1. We do bucket loads of laundry every day.

Without complaint (well, actually quite a bit of complaining).


2. We top up their leap cards…

Without them even knowing. Well, you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

3. We’re 24 hour chefs.

We’re always on-hand around the clock to make multiple snacks on rotation, oh and there’s the breakfast, dinner and school lunches too. And because we find it just so hard to say “no” to our little cheeky mites, we’ll just go right ahead and change that dish or snack the toddler has suddenly decided they no longer eat.

irish mammy cooking gif

4. We charge their phones…

Their ipods and their tablets. Every electrical item you could possibly imagine. Well, we’re Irish, we like to talk and Mammy’s need a little bit of silence sometimes.

iphone charger

5. We worry and feel guilty 

Irish Mammies spend a whole lot of time feeling guilty. It’s an Irish Mammy right of passage. Add to that a healthy dose of worry. Are we giving our kids the right moral messages? Are they eating too much chocolate? Are they suffering because we are at work? Oh, the worry list, it’s never-ending.

worry gif


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