5 totally lazy games to play with your kids when you're tired (or a little hungover) 1 year ago

5 totally lazy games to play with your kids when you're tired (or a little hungover)

As I think all parents who have been in the parenting business for more than a few months can agree on, there are some days that are a little harder than others.

But that's the thing about parenting – it doesn't take a break. No. Not only do you have to make sure you keep you kid(s) alive all day every day, you are also pretty much expected to entertain them around the clock too. Even on days when you are feeling anything but up for that, no matter what the reason being.

But fear not parents, we got you. These lazy games will save your life on days when you are sick, hungover or just plain aul' wrecked:

1. Hair Salon

Just sit on the floor in front of them on the sofa and let them go to town with clips and hairbands. You can even snooze a little during this, mamas, they probably won't even notice.

2. Nail Salon

Same thing, different wrapping. Just set them up with all your nail varnish bottles, lean back and enjoy a mani/pedi, mamas.


3. Camping

Set up a tent or fort on the living room floor, make some snacks, tell a ghost story, and then spend the rest of the day "staring at the stars" quietly.

4. Hide and Seek

They hide, you snooze on the sofa and then eventually, when they come to look for you, claim that you did look, but that they are just so brilliant at hiding you gave up. Sneaky, but brilliant.

5. Make A Movie

Send them off with your phone and tell them to make a movie and show you the results when they are finished. For older kids, you can have them write scripts, practice their acting and even decide on costumes before they start filming too – remember; the longer it takes them to complete the task, the more sofa time you get.