Baby girl hilariously confused by dad's inability to breastfeed 3 days ago

Baby girl hilariously confused by dad's inability to breastfeed

"You have nothing on mom!"

Ahh, breastfeeding.

While it might not be everyone's choice when it comes to feeding a new baby, most of us can agree it's one of the most natural things in the world.

Though there are still a strange few fish who make breastfeeding a taboo, for the babies themselves, it really is all just bread and butter.

So can be seen on TikTok, where mothers often share their breastfed baba's excited reaction to boobs.

In a recent addition to this genre of video on the platform though, it wasn't a breastfeeding mother who had an enthusiastic baby on her hands.

User @themuslimboxer uploaded a video of himself relaxing with his little girl, as onscreen captions read "when you forget mommy is at work."

The topless dad showed his daughter as she launched herself into his chest and tried to suckle. When she can't get any milk, she rises, confused.

Her dad gives a deadpan stare to the camera as she giggles and pinches his nipple.


"I don't have milk," he tells her, and she stares quizzically back at him in response.

The adorable video quickly went viral as TikTok users reacted to the little one's confusion.

"She looked at you like 'why do you even have this?'" commented one user.

"She is like 'it's broken,'" joked another.

"Laughed in his face – like, you have nothing on mom!" wrote someone else.

Watch the adorable video here:

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