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15th Apr 2016

The 21 Times You Need To Check If Your Toddler Needs To Pee (Or Else!)

Sharyn Hayden

Toddlers are great at many things – their skills include block building, singing the incorrect words to really simple songs (adorable) and falling asleep mid-sentence.

But their MAIN skill, in my humble opinion, is their need to pee at ridiculous and mostly hugely inconvenient moments.

Here are my top 21:

1. Before you leave the house.

2. Two minutes after you have left the house and are contemplating fastening them into their car seats.

3. When you are approaching a petrol station containing loos and you have another half an hour on your journey thereafter.

4. When you reach the playground.

5. After the playground and before you get everyone remotely near the car.


6. When you have just arrived at the supermarket.

7. When you are contemplating getting in line for the checkout.

8. When mass is about to begin.

9. When you are hoping to begin a conversation with another grown adult.

10. Every seven minutes that they are in a public swimming pool or water park.


11. Just as you are about to sit your kid on your shoulders for a long walk.

12. Just as you get them ready to go for a swim – but NB; right before you take off even one piece of your own clothing.

13. Before you line up for the Drive Thru.

14. Before you validate your parking ticket at a shopping centre.

15. Right as you are hoping to sit down for lunch/dinner/a cup of tea.

200-1116. Just as the movie is about to start.

17. Just as the last – and crucial – ten minutes of the movie are about to get going.

18. When you get on the plane, but making sure that you get on last and the seatbelt sign is seconds from going on.

19. Any time you contemplate using the toilet yourself and/or having a shower.

20. If you see that a toddler has no bottom garments on and are locking eyes with you while hovering over your favourite rug.


21. Two minutes after they have literally JUST pee’d.

Got any to add to this list? Why not let us know in the comments on Facebook!