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11th Sep 2017

Cheryl shares top tips for mums in first interview since welcoming Bear

It's the popstar's first interview since becoming a mum

Keeley Ryan

Cheryl has shared her top tips for new mums in her first interview since welcoming Bear.

The pop star sat down with This Morning, where she opened up about becoming a parent – and shared her top post-pregnancy beauty tips.

It turns out there’s one thing in particular the 34 year old, who welcomed her first child five months ago, relied on the first few months of motherhood.

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She said:

“My top tips for new mams would be – you don’t always get time to moisturise, when you’ve jumped in the shower quickly while they’re napping, or have a quick bath – so my thing would be, go in the bath and put in bath oil in with you so you don’t have to worry about that and you’re moisturised when you come out.

“I use coconut oil from head to toe. Literally, you can eat it, put it on your hair and you can put it on your face, your body. It’s brilliant stuff.”

It will be the mum of one’s first interview since she and Liam Payne welcomed their baby boy in March.

Bear’s arrival was kept a secret until the parents decided to share their happy news on social media.

It comes after Liam recently revealed the inspiration behind their son’s unusual moniker.

He explained to James Corden on The Late Late Show

“When he was born, I think one of the midwives said it, he actually has this thing where if they don’t have a good cry, they get fluid on their lungs which is quite serious.

“So he was going ‘grrr’, growling away when he was sleeping.

“So I had specialists running in and out of the hospital while my missus was asleep and he was being checked over, and they were like, ‘Oh, I’m not really sure, we’ll get someone else in’.

“And I had like, ten doctors coming in the room and in the end, one guy was like, ‘Dude I’m not being funny, there’s nothing wrong with him – just likes to make a lot of noise.’

“And that’s carried on ever since – so he just became Bear.”