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Family dynamics

19th Jul 2021

Dad creates an exciting pirate adventure his little girl will never forget

Laura Grainger

Ahoy, me hearties…

Do you remember watching or reading a pirate adventure as a kid and wishing you could go on an adventurous hunt for jewels and gold treasure of your own?

Well, one little girl has been able to do just that, thanks to her creative dad.

Mundoba, a content creator who goes by the Instagram handle @mundobax, recently shared an adorable video of a pirate treasure hunt he set up for his daughter.

In the video, the dad lines the inside of a wooden chest with a pirate flag, then spills in some chocolate gold coins and plastic jewels.

When he can’t fit in a glass skull bottle, he says his partner suggested he use it to house a treasure map for his daughter to follow.

To create the map, he soaks a piece of paper with coffee water to give it an ancient feel. While he fills his map with great details and illustrations, you don’t have to be the best at drawing to create a trail of your garden or park for your kids to follow.

He shows himself burying the chest and hiding the bottle for his daughter to find. The video then follows her discovery of the map and hunt for the treasure.

Though she’s ultimately delighted to find a chest full of gold, there’s no doubt the real treasure was the adventure her dad created for her that she’ll think about long after she’s grown up.

Watch their pirate adventure here: