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29th Jun 2018

This dad’s ‘school report card’ for his autistic daughter is just lovely

Fair play.

Anna O'Rourke

This dad's 'school report' for his autistic daughter is just lovely

Such a sweet thing to do.

A caring dad’s homemade school report for his young daughter who has autism has become a hit online.

Shane Jackson from Tasmania in Australia was upset when his daughter Sophie came home from school distraught with her school report.

The youngster, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, had received D grades in all of her school subjects, he explained in a tweet.

“I’ve let everyone down,” she told her dad.

To cheer her up and let her know that she’s more than just the marks she gets in school, Shane created his own ‘Dad’s report card’ for her.

He awarded her As for categories like ‘funny’, ‘drawing and making robots’ and an A+ for ‘imagination’ and ‘best daughter ever’.

The report card has gone viral, with over 54,000 likes on Twitter.

“The response has been overwhelming,” Shane later tweeted. “Sophie feels so supported.”

Shane even set up a Twitter profile for Sophie, a keen artist, to allow her to share her drawings online.

Sophie has used the account to issue her own report card for her dad, rating him for being “annoying” and also “the best dad ever.”

Responding to his marks, Shane tweeted “I’m told that a B for funny is meant to be ‘encouraging’.”