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22nd Mar 2020

Feeling overwhelmed? An aquarium livestream might be a decent distraction

Jade Hayden

Penguins all day err’day.

There has been lots to panic about these past few days.

Not being able to leave the house, see our friends, go to work, and essentially live life as we know it can be incredibly stressful.

And while there are plenty of things that we can do for ourselves to ensure that our days go by as smoothly as possible (fifth walk of the day, anyone?), sometimes we just want to sit inside, switch on our screens, and watch some marine life float on by.

After all, what could be more relaxing than that?

Since social distancing and self isolation recommendations were introduced, some zoos and aquariums have been doing their bit to bring their wildlife online – and make everybody feel a bit calmer in the process.

Because who among us has ever watched a livestream of jellyfish swimming about the place and not immediately felt a heightened sense of calm?

One such aquarium that has been doing just that is Monterey Bay Aquarium. Currently closed to the public, they have opened up a series of webcams to allow everybody access to their penguins, their coral reefs, and of course, their jelly fish.

A divine viewing process, to be fair.

Monterey Bay aren’t the only aquarium or zoo doing this though.

Dublin Zoo have also made a selection of webcams available so the public can keep entirely up to date on the penguins, the elephants, and some plant life too.

It’s like you’re actually there. Except you’re not. Because of coronavirus.

You can check out the full selection of Monterey Bay’s incredibly soothing aquarium webcams here.