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27th Nov 2018

Former Queen member Brian May proves he’s the best Grandad in heartwarming post

Amy Nolan

Former Queen member Brian May proves he's the best Grandad in heartwarming post

There’s a lot of love for Brian at the moment.

Brian May must be well acquainted with the rock and roll life. In his Queen heyday, the guitarist played to 131,000 in São Paulo but looking at the famous musician’s Instagram he also seems very down to earth.

Brian recently spent his day at a worthwhile endeavour, redecorating his grandchildren’s room.

And we love the space theme he established.

The seventy-one year old seemed to enjoy the job too saying:

“My favourite part of today. Fixing pictures of planets on the ceiling of the playroom in my daughter’s house.”

With Brian’s PhD in astrophysics, which he attained from Imperial College London in 2007, he seemed pleased that the planet designs were factually accurate:

“They’re all the right colours and (roughly the right sizes. You can put them in the right order and put in the asteroid belt and comets and stars …very cool!”


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And Q is for …. ha ha ! This book is making me giggle. Ah – the joys of Granddaddying ! Bri

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Brian finished off the caption by saying:

“Funny how much we are products of what’s available to us as children. But then … sometimes we just get a passion out of nowhere! Right?”

He has three adult children with his first wife, Christine Mullen and Brian looks like he’s the best grandparent. With studies now suggesting raising children near their grandparents has an amazing benefit, they’re a lucky bunch.

Brian is also a massive animal lover and recently rescued an injured hedgehog, so we’re guessing his grandchildren get plenty of exposure to animals – adorable!