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Family dynamics

28th Jun 2018

James Corden reveals how he met his wife and it’s all thanks to his friend

Olivia Hayes

We love a good romance.

James Corden recently opened up about meeting his wife, Julia Carey, and it’s actually a very cute story.

He was at an event with the actor Dominic Cooper, and Dominic introduced him to his future wife.

He said:”Hi Jules you might be the most beautiful woman in the world.

“And she said, ‘Well, thank you very much. That sounds like something you say a lot’.

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“And I said I have never said it before in my life. That was it. That was it, really. I was in,” he explained before adding, “And by an absolute miracle, so was she.”

“We both sat in the corner of a bar/restaurant, Dominic was off getting into trouble and we sat and very jokingly planned the rest of our lives together an hour and a half after we met as a joke.”

James and Julia have been married for six years now and have three children together, Max, Carey and Charlotte.

They welcomed Charlotte late last year with James taking to Twitter to say: “Today we welcomed a beautiful baby daughter into the world. Both she and her mother are doing great. We can’t stop smiling.

“Thank you Harry for stepping in to host the show at 2 and a half hours notice!” And yep, that was when Harry Styles stepped in for him.