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Family dynamics

06th Feb 2018

Daughter and mum both had same sweet Valentine’s Day gift idea

Keeley Ryan

Definitely a case of like mother, like daughter

A mum and daughter both accidentally surprised each other with puppies after their dog sadly passed away.

Twitter user Natalie Rice explained that she had gotten her mum a blue heeler puppy as an early Valentine’s Day gift.

Funnily enough, her mum had the exact same idea – that is, to surprise her daughter with a labrador puppy.

She managed to capture the adorable moment on camera (presumably because she wanted to get her mum’s reaction) and shared it on Twitter.

She wrote alongside the video:

“My dog passed away so I thought it’d be a good idea to surprise my mom with a blue heeler puppy, she thought it’d be a good idea to surprise me with a lab puppy.

“Long story short my dad is going to kill us.

“‘Oh my god we’re in so much trouble’.”

And while Natalie and her mum were initially unsure about how her father would react, Twitter users were quick to agree about what to do with the two pups.

Others began to ask Natalie about the outcome of telling her dad about the two four-legged surprises: namely, did they get to keep both dogs?

A few days after the initial tweet went viral, Natalie added that the family were going to be keeping both of the puppies – joking that her did “didn’t have much of a choice” when he found out.

She even added a photo of the two dogs – and just look at how cute they are.