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Family dynamics

07th Mar 2018

Mum gets little sympathy after revealing her husband’s clothes are a ‘turn-off’

Jade Hayden

A mum has admitted that she thinks her husband “shabby” clothes are a “turn-off.”

The woman, known only as ‘BabsPym1’, said that she loves her husband a lot, but that she can’t bear the ‘comfy’ clothes he wears at home.

These clothes, she said, consist of: “… an old, faded, shabby, pair of grey comfies that he often wears with a matching top/hoody.”

BabsPym1 asked parenting forum Mumsnet whether she was being unreasonable for wanting to throw the clothes away.

She said:

“They are so revoltingly shabby. I can’t bear looking at them. It’s a complete turn-off.

“I realise it sounds shallow, and I’m sure I’ll get completely slagged off for all this, but is it unreasonable to expect him to make just a bit of an effort around me? To make me find him desirable?

“He has a very limited wardrobe, has little interest in clothes – which I knew and I’m fine with – but honestly, the home stuff is awful.”

The mum received little sympathy from other parents with many, instead, simply suggesting that if she hated the clothes so much, she should just throw them away.

“Just get rid of his horrible clothes and buy him new ones. Job done,” wrote one person.

Another suggested that she fancied her own husband because of the way he looked in general, not just because of his clothes.

They wrote: “What he wears doesn’t affect how much I fancy him, as it’s the body underneath I am interested in, and it’s not just the physical package and its wrapping that makes me find him attractive: it is so much more than that.”

One user even suggested that the mum must not find her husband attractive at all if this was causing so much of a problem.

They said: “You just can’t fancy him surely. I find (my husband) attractive if he’s wearing a sexy suit when we’re going out or his old grey joggers and ripped t-shirt at home.”

BabsPym1 said that she couldn’t throw the clothes away because it would, of course, be “controlling.”

However, she did explain that needing to fancy her husband at home was a big deal for her because they “… don’t go out that much, we don’t dress up that much.”

Mumsnet users didn’t have a solution for the woman that didn’t simply involve throwing out her husband’s clothes.

It remains to be seen what steps she will take to sort out her issue.