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Family dynamics

21st Aug 2018

Mum makes her kids do 40 minutes of homework during summer break

Olivia Hayes

Do you think she’s being unreasonable?

A mum has taken to an online forum to ask if she should feel guilty for making her children do homework during the summer break.

She says that her kids don’t mind doing the work, but now her friend has made her feel guilty about it.

She wrote:

“Every morning, after breakfast, I ask that the children do 20 mins writing in a holiday journal and then younger does 15 mins of basic maths (reception – year 1 maths), and older one does 20 mins of mental maths, mainly tables? Every day, even when we went on holiday.

“But! A dear friend, in a genuinely non judgemental manner, asked whether I felt guilty and said she thought that holiday were good for a complete break other than set school work.

“I don’t feel guilty at all and I told her as such, and we just moved on to another topic. I plan to continue doing. However I’m wondering about others thoughts out of nosiness and whether others do this too.”

“There were a mixed reaction from parents, with some saying she should keep it up and others writing that she should leave her children be during the holidays.”

One wrote:

“I think it’s a good idea. Do something constructive and educational before having a fun and chilled rest of day.”

While another said:

“Bit much in my opinion. Let enjoy their down time! They will probably resent you for this in the long run.”