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Family dynamics

19th Feb 2018

Nine-year-old books Disneyland trip after guessing dad’s Paypal details

Cathy Donohue

CAN you imagine?

Ian Wilson got the shock of his life recently after discovering that his daughter Susan had booked a trip to Disneyland Paris using his Paypal account when he was asleep.

The nine-year-old didn’t spare any expense either splurging on flights, a hotel, a trip to the Eiffel Tower and tickets for Disneyland.

The family, who live in Lincolnshire often holiday in popular seaside town Skegness but Susan clearly decided she wanted to go further afield.

Ian got the shock of his life a couple of days later when he realised there had been a lot of activity on his credit card.

His first thought was fraud and so, he contacted Paypal but after searching the websites recently used on his phone, he realised there was something more going on.

He spoke to Susan and she admitted what had happened but Ian said she was so upset, he couldn’t even get angry with her.

Speaking to Mail Online, Ian explained the series of events:

“That’s when I went through my phone history and found all these websites in my internet history. I asked Susan and she said it was her.

“She was absolutely brokenhearted and very remorseful. She had no idea what she was doing, I could not even punish her for it”.

The father of three said that he never had a pin on his phone but after what happened, he would advise that all parents employ the policy to avoid this happening to others.

At first, it looked like Ian wouldn’t get the money back as no fraud had been committed but eventually, Paypal classed it as ‘friendly fraud’ and refunded the sum, believed to be over £1,000.