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26th Sep 2019

Nit outbreak? Here’s what you need to keep your child’s hair head lice free

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by Hedrin

Creepy crawlies be gone, please!

No one enjoys the thought of those six-legged, grey monsters that love our hair. Yes, yours too mums and dads. (Eeek!)

Nearly one in 10 primary school children could have head lice at any one time, so indeed, it’s a common occurrence, one very few of us will go through life having escaped.

Of course, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, and it has nothing to do with personal hygiene either. It’s all a part of growing up, although, as parents, we think it’s safe to say we’d appreciate if those creepy crawlies didn’t threaten so often.

But we can’t stop our kids from having fun and being around each other day in, day out — so the answer just might be Hedrin.

It’s skin-friendly, clinically tested (on REAL heads, would you believe) and it knocks those little suckers stone dead.

Hedrin doesn’t use pesticides, nor does it have any nasty smells — hurrah! You’ll be glad to know too, it can be used over and over without any risk of resistance developing. So, it works forevermore.

It’s suitable for children from the age of six months, all the way through to adulthood.

There are two Hedrin products worth having at home.

There’s Hedrin Treat & Go (for treating head lice and seeing the kids return to the playground, school, sports etc. as soon as possible) and Hedrin Protect & Go — an easy-to-use conditioning spray that’s clinically proven to help protect against head lice.

So if you’ve received word of a few nits in the classroom that are about to wreak havoc, grab Hedrin Protect & Go and simply spray on your child’s hair (towel dry hair if wet) and comb through after each hair wash (at least twice a week).

There’s no need to rinse either — just leave hair to dry naturally or blowdry — whatever the little ones wish.

Hedrin Treat & Go can be applied to hair and then dried with a hairdryer or left to dry naturally also. It can be used overnight and after eight hours the product can be easily rinsed out.

It’s so discreet too. No one will know the kids (or you, mum!) have applied the treatment to hair all while it works to banish the little critters for good.

Remember to check for lice regularly, once a week is perfect.

Visit your pharmacist if you’re looking for further advice and be sure to treat the entire family if you spot headlice. Also, ask your child’s school, creche — whatever it may be — to keep you updated on any outbreaks so you can nip ’em in the bud quickly.

There you have it — no more mad head-scratching, just fun and games from here on out.

Brought to you by Hedrin