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Family dynamics

16th Nov 2017

This mum found her child’s poo in the strangest place

She was not expecting that.

Laura Holland


Could you imagine?

This mum has summed up every parent’s worst nightmare when it comes to toilet training your child. She found a rogue poo in a very random place in her house – on the windowsill.

Jessica explained on Facebook that she knew her 2-year-old daughter had pooed somewhere because she could smell it. She searched for an hour and finally found it behind the curtains on the windowsill.

She said, “Just spent nearly an hour looking for the source of the smell in my 2 year old bedroom only to discover she has done a poo on the window sill behind the curtains. this is my life!!”

She posted a picture of the finding to a popular parenting page on Facebook and was inundated with questions and comments, so much so that she needed to make 24 edits on the Facebook post.

Warning the picture is not pretty.