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30th Oct 2018

Puppy saved by vets after he swallows arrow the length of his body

Jade Hayden

He had an arrow escape, wha?

A puppy has been saved by vets after accidentally swallowing a toy arrow the length of his body.

Loki, the four-month-old Hungarian Vizsla, had been vomiting for four days when his owners predicted that he had eaten something he shouldn’t have.

They took Loki to the vet where a small lump was discovered in his tummy.

He then underwent emergency surgery to remove the 30cm long toy arrow from his stomach.

Loki had swallowed the arrow in one go.

Village Vets clinic in Stillorgan then confirmed that the arrow was the length of the puppy’s body.

Despite this, Loki had been in great spirits when he arrived to the clinic, “very bouncy and full of life.”

After his surgery, the puppy was put on fluids over night and monitored closely. The next day, he was “… back to himself, full of mischief and looking forward to going home.”

Since then, he has returned to the clinic a few times to have his stitches removed.

He is currently living the rest of his life without a 30cm arrow lodged inside of his small body.